Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Fosbury's event

I know I've been reading a fair bit of PG Wodehouse recently, what with making sure that Claude and Eustace are suitable names for the kitkats, but doesn't "Fosbury's event" sound a bit Bertie Woosterish to you too?
Probably not if you like sport, but as I've said before, I'm really not keen. I've heard of Linford Christie and Roger Bannister, remember Flo Jo with the hideously long nails, and recognise that a rugby ball is different from a football, but I don't really care about any of it.
So, there was the last unsolved clue in the Guardian Quick crossword: _i_h/_u_p. I went through all kinds of permutations: fish pump, dish lump, with hump, pith sump, rich bump. I was really enjoying myself. And then I googled Fosbury and there was the answer. Not half as exciting as this, this or THIS.


Winchester whisperer said...

That's the second word I've learned today but I bet you already know the meaning of "retromingent".

Mopsa said...

WW - you lose that bet - how fabulous that is - I will endeavour to use it at least once in the next week! I suspect "parkour" was you new one?

Anonymous said...

that brought a chuckle out - good stuff mopsa - and I've learnt something.
PG Woodhouse? Bertie Wooster? Claude and Eustace? Bird tables? Bring it very much more scintillating and entertaining than Team GB!!

Winchester whisperer said...

I owe you some tannery chemicals, Mopsa. Parkour's new to me too - you must be a crossword fiend!

Mopsa said...

Always pleased to cause a chuckle Paula!

WW - I don't know where to start on those cryptic things - my brain just isn't wired the right way. The Quick crossword is as far as I go.