Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm fine folks - just very, very busy!

I've had a few people ask if everything is OK, down here on the farm in Devon.
Yes, yes, thank you so much for checking (aren't you nice), but I'm just amazingly busy and have a lot of work to do at the moment, which is grand and most lovely but means blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat. But soon lambing will start and I'll be around for that and will certainly be posting on sheep type progress. A new boar arrives soon too, so no doubt there'll be fun and laughter about all that, and piglets are also growing inside Agatha and Dahlia.
And then there's the fab smallholding courses we've been running and there's lots to tell you about on that front. So please bear with me, I will be back, I haven't given up the blog, and now you can find me on twitter too.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

How can a bore bring fun and laughter? Bores usually make people sleep. While we're on the subject do you know what a bore hole is?

Mopsa said...

YP - yup, I do - it's corkscrew shaped. (How good is your pig anatomy?)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

How dare you insinuate that my body is porcine! Just because I am pink and covered with bristles!