Wednesday, 10 March 2010

All anticipation

What with Lambing Live and my own calendar countdown, I'm more than anticipatory on the lambing front. Just 3 days til the first possible due date. Will it happen in a mad flurry of activity? Will it drag out in ridiculously luxurious and casual fashion whilst I twitch with impatience? Will it be smooth and simple, or laden with eventful happenings? Will we manage to divide early and late shifts sensibly or will they crossover with incident and cause days of snatching at sleep as two pairs of hands struggle to keep up? Who knows. And then there's a farrowing due any time soon. And eggs are in the incubator. Let's get started.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sounds like fun! Make sure you have your digital camera at the ready to capture the lambing process for your blog friends. It should be easy enough to correct the position of the legs with one hand while holding your camera in the other.

Flowerpot said...

Hope all goes well Mopsa - look forward to pics of those little lambs..

Mopsa said...

It is fun YP - but can be traumatic as well as thrilling.

Thank Fpot - will keep posting pics