Saturday, 22 January 2011

Most precious objects 2

Who knows how long this will go on for or when I run out of ideas, but let's take a punt and do a few posts on the things I have that are for whatever daft reason, rather precious.
Remember Michael Landy, the artist who put all his possessions into a crusher? I'm not into things for things' sake but some stuff is so useful, or adorable, or part of one that I'd find it pretty impossible to let everything go like that. I'm not a hoarder, I do chuck stuff, but there are certain things I keep for far longer than would appear to be average.
I wear shoes that are ten, twenty, thirty years old (or more), and won't buy new ones very often as they don't speak to me. And shoes should, shouldn't they?
The photo is of my Mary Poppins boots. I don't know how old they are, but they were my Mother's, and recollection would suggest they are at least as old as I am. So that's more than 47 years old then. I've been wearing them since I was a student, so they've been in my wardrobe for nearly thirty years.
They are beyond shabby but I wear them every autumn. They make me feel good. They make me feel elegant, which is bizarre considering how wrecked and utilitarian they are and how inelegant I feel 99% of the time. A farm is not the place for elegance. I love the chunky kitten heel, the strange shape of the cuff, the astrakhan trim, the arrow shaped strap with its poppable popper, the round toes, the wool lining. If I knew a shoemaker who could make me a duplicate pair I'd get some made.
But who's to say what it is that weaves magic into our mood, our temperament? I'd feel a complete pillock in towering Louboutin's and dainty French fancies of the shoe variety would be as appropriate to my life as Kirsty Allsopp's massive ring. I admire these from a distance, chortling at the prospect of me mucking out a pig pen in four inch heels with scarlet soles and a sapphire so large that the full host of angels could simultaneously dance the tango on it with room to spare.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

They are lovely shoes - so elegant.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I guess it brings a new meaning to the phrase 'walking a mile in someone else's shoes'! I wonder that as they were your mother's shoes there is more significance in your need to keep them than just how much you love them?

I'm like you, I hang onto some really classic stuff that never dates. There's always room in some wardrobe to keep them. An eclectic mix of class and fashion always makes your wardrobe work for you, especially the pieces that make you feel extra special no matter how old or careworn they may be.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Urgh? Kirsty Allsop's "massive ring"... oh you mean on her finger! I know what you mean about items of clothing or footwear. Even if I suddenly got rich, I wouldn't be decking myself out in new stuff. That wouldn't be comfortable.

Marian said...

These boots look great and they look so comfortable. It's lovely that they belonged to your mother.

mountainear said...

If I could buy those boots I would.

How right you are about rural life and elegant footwear - have managed autumn and winter mostly with Dunlop wellies (outdoor),Birkies (indoor) and a pair of French Sole flats for parties. Sad? I'm not particularly proud of these facts.