Saturday, 29 September 2007

I'm no Monty Don but....

After my rant yesterday I am calm, and focused on the veg patch. Red cabbage casserole (buckets of it) are cooking in the Aga, anointed with red plonk, wine vinegar, demerara, Blenheim Orange apples from the orchard and sultanas, and once cooled I will bag it and freeze it for serving later with pork, goose and duck (probably not all at the same time).
I have also unearthed the first of the celeriac - not as large as I would like but an improvement on past year's golf balls - to be mashed as an accompaniment with partridge this evening, larded with streaky bacon from the pigs and roasted. Partridge sounds very posh but they were freebies from the local farmer's shoot last winter (perhaps that makes it sound even posher).
Celeriac are bonkers vegetables, I mean, just look at them - a kind of vegetable version of an octopus. But they are delicious boiled and mashed with a bit of butter and black pepper and can be used in place of spud mash if you are avoiding potatoes.
I can hear the weeds call; it's therapy for the furious.


Eurodog said...

Celeriac is quite popular here in Belgium. I use my grand mother's recipe: cut celeriac in cubes, heat some butter and olive oil and toss cubes in it, add pepper and salt and nutmeg, gently simmer and add a tiny bit of water if you think it might stick to the pan. Use the leaves to make soup. Celeriac leaves, some carrots or pumpkin or courgettes or green celery and some stock. Very good.

Mopsa said...

That sounds very good.