Saturday, 29 September 2007

The veg patch

click on the picture if you want a better view to guess the veg.


VioletsVintage said...

Wow, what a beautiful garden! I feel more relaxed just looking at the picture. Such a beautiful setting too.

Ian Lidster said...

How pastoral and lovely. Found you at Lady MacLeod and noticed the reference to your love for Devon. For me Devon would come in among my top 5 places I'd choose to live, if I didn't live where I do. Once spent 10 days staying in a little cottage in Appledore. The memory is still as vivid as if it were yesterday.
Love your dog, BTW.

Winchester whisperer said...

Bucolic paradise, Mopsa. (Couldn't spot any snakes)

mountainear said...

Don't give up on celariac - this year is the first year it's failed for me. I'm blaming the weather. Again.

Your garden looks most productive.

Eurodog said...

Railway sleepers. I am looking to buy about 5 I should say. I know you are not a million miles away from the village in Cornwall where I spend a lot of time. Any idea where I can buy them? Winkleigh perhaps. Do you know the place on the ex-RAF aerodrome. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

Eurodog said...

Sorry forgot to say how pretty your vegetable garden looks.
Reminds me of my grand parents's garden.

Mopsa said...

Thank you VV; I can't believe my eyes myself (not the veg but the setting which has nothing to do with me and all down to some clever buggers in the Middle Ages planting fab oaks and hedges.

Ian - welcome - and Mopsa dog is having a quiet blush.

WW- can't ever SEE snakes but I know they are there!

M'ear - the celeriac was fab, and bigger than previous efforts so I am not downhearted.

Eurowoof - 2 choices - Winkleigh Timber and probably cheaper and recommended, Bridgmans, the brilliant agricultural merchants

Swearing Mother said...

Nice veg Mopsa, is that a leek bed I see before me?


Wanna be in Devon.

Flowerpot said...

I felt all my worries just drain away looking at your veg patch. Ah bliss.

Mopsa said...

Swearing Ma - yes, leeks in the foreground, but not as fat as they should be.

FPot - things seem to be looking up for you which is great.

Eurodog said...

Thanks for the addresses.