Monday, 7 January 2008

Sign up for a free range future

Just the thought of a battery or intensively reared chicken makes me ill. It's time the practice came to a complete stop. Cheap food is not always good food (and never when it comes from an animal). Go and visit Hugh's site to sign up if you feel strongly about this.


Beth said...

That was one powerful programme. It sure made me think. I wish free-range, organic meat was the standard in every supermarket.

Mopsa said...

Hi Beth. I'm waiting to see if the supermarkets actually respond to Hugh. Not surprised re: Tescos but utterly gobsmacked re: Waitrose and M&S considering how animal welfare friendly they tout themselves to be.

lady thinker said...

I do feel strongly and have only bought free range for numerous years. However, having seen Hugh F W I felt his manner was rather bullying on TV. In fact he rather got up my nose and some of my friends not at all impressed.

I much preferred J Oliver's manner where he educated and gave the information and presented facts. Rather than bully people to change their ways he tried to coerce.

I also see media reports that contrary to Hugh's comment about no access to chicken farms he and the TV crew were at Maunders for a few days. It made me wonder about the validity of the rest of his presentation as a result.