Sunday, 6 January 2008

Wishing on a star

Le Chip has tagged me so that I am now forced to make public the eight things I would like to have happen in 2008. Just eight? And do I have to be modest in my requests? Can I be outrageously self-pleasing? Why not?
  1. I want the farm to thrive and for me to learn how to make it more income generating and less money gobbling
  2. I want the bevy of arts funding/policy making senior wonks to sort themselves out and discover honour, judgement and openness
  3. I want to be able to party at the end of 2008 in fabulously waterproof, structurally sound and beautiful barns, so that post-party they can contribute to the life of the farm
  4. I'd like to have a happy year please, not too inundated with life's difficulties and woes and
  5. then I'd make the time to appreciate the good things, of which there are many and be satisfied
  6. I want to lose the podge that has slowly crept up on me and get back to my 2005/6 relatively slinky self
  7. I'd like to have my faith in politics renewed, but THAT ain't gonna happen any time soon - in the meantime I hope for a democrat president in the US and a positive trickle-down effect
  8. I'd like to learn something new, something substantial that will engage me in thinking interesting thoughts that have never yet popped into my head.
And I must of course pass on the tag, so if they fancy sharing their hopes for this year, I pass the tag to: Swearing Mother, Rilly Super, Locks Park Farm, Field Day and Yorkshire Pudding.


Susan Harwood said...


My name is Susan Harwood.

I'm contacting people who list ‘the environment ‘as an interest on their 'blogger's profile'.

I have a new blog called


It is concerned with the environment, building, architecture, politics and education.

It can be found at

It is in its very early stages just yet - so comments will be especially welcome!

Yours sincerely

Susan Harwood

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Hate memes.

Mopsa said...

Sorry Bretwalda - they are the haven of the busy, thoughts mostly elsewhere blogger and I will do my best not to have any more in 2008 - so that makes 9 wishes.

KAZ said...

Nice list Mopsa - though I'm amazed by no 8 as you have so many different skills, activities and ideas already.
Hope your head doesn't burst.

Swearing Mother said...

Okey-dokey, meme-ing as we speak!!

paula said...

I'm sure I hate them too!
Thought I would think, but haven't. Shall have some in the dentist chair tomorrow...

Mopsa said...

Nominated bloggers - no need to fret - bin your tag freely and write with no constraints!