Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Bubble gum, blazers and beaming smiles

Yesterday I was on the tube, chugging along to a day's work in the big smoke. I looked around me and the carriage was full of young school children. They were chatting animatedly, all very well behaved, and obviously enjoying the novelty of being out of the classroom. Some of them were clutching pieces of paper and from what I could rubberneck it seemed to be a geography field trip to the east of the city.
And then I really looked at them and wondered what was so very familiar. It was the tie. And the school badges on the blazers. They might have been on the opposite side of London, but they were all from my old school. I looked around for a teacher, but couldn't tell which adult was with them or was just another passenger. I only had a minute or so before my stop. I so wanted to say "I used to go to your school", but I was unusually dumbstruck, it being such a very public place.
The fashions for wearing school ties hadn't changed - looped huge and very short for those desperate to look nonchalant, long and thin for the bookish. Even so, it all seemed so very, very long ago.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oh whenever I've seen schoolchildren in my old uniform back homne I feel a mixture of pride, wistful that I went there so long ago, envy at the time of their life when it can be difficult but on the whole fantastic and sadness at all of the teachers that were great who are now gone. Oh and great joy that the useless bombastic teachers are pushing up daisies too!

Wow that cob barn is looking amazing. No wonder you stand back in awe and excitement. What a great achievement. I say, one rocks old girl!

KAZ said...

Amazing what a gaggle of schoolkids can do.
I think it was the overwhelming nostalgia that caused paralysis.

Mopsa said...

Thanks MOB - it takes you back, doesn't it?

Kaz - I know, SO unusual for Mopsa the motormouth, but then I had so little time and so much to say, I didn't know where to start.