Thursday, 19 June 2008


It's been raining, and chilly in the evenings, and more wet is forecast and I've been worried about Hard-Hattie getting cold and torpid. So with a little help (quite a lot of help really), I've made her a snug Hattie House that she can creep into and stay dry and wind-free. It's small scale. It's fit for purpose, and it was completed in a couple of hours.
The photo of the tortoise house was taken up on high, from the top layer of scaffolding now enclosing the threshing barn.
I look at the great works and am rather taken aback by the huge scale of it all. It won't be many weeks before roof trusses are swung into place ready to take the slate. The roundhouse walls that connect to the threshing barn are now complete and its roundiness is also scaffolded inside and out so that the thatcher can work safely once the roof timbers are up. It's all a bit eye-widening at this stage. I'm having to pinch myself.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Not long now then eh? Can't wait to see the pictures when it's done.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

What you need my dear is a good threshing!

KAZ said...

Just called in to catch up with your posts.
Love your duck.

Winchester whisperer said...

What about the running duck: does she enjoy the rain?

Mopsa said...

MOB, just for you I've posted the photo of the OTHER barn which is nearly finished.


Kaz - welcome home.

WW - Beany is a he, and he sort of stands up tall in the rain and lets it do its worse. He ain't fazed by it.