Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Putting in the floor

Work stopped on the West Barn temporarily as the builders wait for the oak to be delivered that they will make on site into the roof trusses.
Not leaving hands idle seems to be the order of the day and an immense amount of readymix arrived at 7.30am to be poured over the damp proof membrane in the threshing barn. The conveyor belt was unfurled from the mixer and went in the main doorway, through the full width of the barn and out the other side to fill in the footings for the roundhouse before being retracted to fill the main floor area.
And the oak finally arrived today, courtesy of old wingnut himself.


mountainear said...

Exciting times. And royal oak as well - sounds like a pub sign!

paula said...

This is progress, huge and fast. Well it is for us not living in the midst of it all.
I must come and see - it's looking good. How exciting.

Mopsa said...

I don't think he chopped it down himself though M'ear, unless he was having a Gladstone moment!

Paula, the progress seems to come in little waves, with plenty of lulls along the way.

Winchester whisperer said...

It's probably used to conversation, then, or perhaps it's looking forward to some peace and quiet?

Mopsa said...

Ha Ha WW! Can't say I talk to the trees, but I do stroke them.