Friday, 1 February 2008

Five minutes to the Himalayas

Driving to Okey today, the Himalayas were spread out in front of me; a panorama of snow capped mountains.
Well, no, it was the tors and hills of Dartmoor that had been dipped in clotted cream and whipped meringue just to remind us it is winter. The banks by the side of the road were crystalline with sparkly icy slush, but the snow was all kept specially for the heights of the moor itself.
I didn't have my camera with me, so this is pinched, and you can bet the snow will have melted by the time I head that way again.


mountainear said...

Snow forecast here - but a day of blue skies instead.

The sky is as clear as a bell right now - 23.00 - the stars are wonderful.

KAZ said...

Now that I don't need to drive to work I've been longing for snow. But, in spite of the weather reports, it just hasn't happened. Manchester is very sheltered.

paula said...

I got quite a shock when I popped my head above the lane this afternoon - licked icing-sugar by then though.

Mopsa said...

A bit different from the Panamanian climate I expect, Paula?