Monday, 11 February 2008

Love is in the air

Cole Porter was on my lips even before I read the Guardian's Saturday Poem. I was composing and humming a lewd farming version to myself, whilst admiring the gander's ability to copulate with three different geese in the space of ten minutes. Putting the ducks to bed later the drake couldn't even go the distance from paddock to hut without a quickie en route with his favourite bird.
The ram, now in sweet seclusion having done his thing during November and December, is still feeling distinctly amorous and I had to remonstrate with him quite firmly that no, constant head-bashing of the gate was not going to lead back to the harem.
The ewes, on the other hand, are heavily in lamb, with just six weeks to go. They spend their time eating and lying down, mating a distant memory.
All of which leads me to this week's bad joke. At some point in the next few days there should be a magnificent erection; the roof trusses are due to go up on the cob barn and a crane is on order. Pictures will be taken.


paula said...

It certainly has that feel about it - birds, bees - yes the old bumbles have started - the bull...very frisky! Even the sap has started to rise; we noticed it whilst finishing off some hedge laying this w/end.

Fingers crossed that it won't turn evil for lambing!

Richard Madeley said...

'Richard in private with my bathroom mirror does it...'

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Do ladies envy erections? Is it erection envy? :)

mutterings and meanderings said...

Oooh er, missus. Looking forward to seeing your magnificent erection

Mopsa said...

Paula - just over 5 weeks to go now...can't imagine this glorious weather will hold.

Very good, chaps - I knew I could rely on you to keep the level at the one set! Admire I think is the term Bretwalda, hilariously admire.

Will see what I can do for you M&M.