Thursday, 22 May 2008

Slow food movement?

Ummm... look what I found.
I was checking for Southern Marsh Orchids. I found one, and a second plant not yet in flower. Not the great mass I was hoping for, but I got distracted before I could really peer among the green stuff to see if there were any more promising leaves.
The dogs were nosing at the edges of the field, so were lagging behind me when, well, there it was.
I started to chuckle, and then burst into laughter. The stuff I find on this farm never fails to amaze me.
Having googled and inspected, I think it is a female mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise. That's a phrase I never thought I'd use.
I've put her into the walled front garden where she is safe from the dogs, there is lots of tortoise favourite food growing naturally, and put down a dish of water. I've called her Hard-hat. She doesn't belong to any of my few neighbours. What do I do now?


Eurodog said...

Amazing that you should just find it out of the bleu.
I wonder where it came from.

Mopsa said...

Euro woof - I have absolutely no idea. She could have been wandering round here for years and years.

Eurodog said...

Please have a look at my latest entry.
I used the pronoun "it" and you "she". You are obviously more of an animal lover than I am ....

Winchester whisperer said...

I was going to suggest that you could put up a notice in your local post office

Jay said...

I'd report her found to the local police/RSPCA/vet - anywhere you can think of. Most people get very attached to their tortoises and you'd be surprised how much money they're worth these days. You may locate the owner! I hope so.

Great find!