Monday, 19 May 2008

This is the after shot, after the dangly barbed wire, faded baler twine and rotten posts have been wrenched gleefully from the river bank.
This is the shot of plans fulfilled and dreams realised. Where dogs and humans can reach the river and splash about. Where people can place beer bottles for chilling and dogs can lap water without wire draped about their ears. Where the river can flood its banks without depositing heaps of twigs and stuff in a sieve of unforgiving stock fencing.
The fence will be made anew fifty yards above the river, and I will find a good bum-shaped log to put near the water, so I can watch and think, and watch and not think.
It took one vigorous Sunday morning to do this, and I've been back twice since to admire, and it's only Monday.


Flowerpot said...

what a wonderful spot, Mopsa. I'd go back there a lot also if I was there.

KAZ said...

Did we see the before shot?

I assume that river would be amenable to chilling a bottle of Sauvignon as well.

Sheer Bliss!

KAZ said...

P.S. re previous post.
I meant 'Germander Speedwell'.

No similarity just a lot of syllables.

Mopsa said...

Fpot - it's magnetic! Good thing it takes 10 minutes to walk there or I'd be checking it out permanently!

Kaz - I have a before shot somewhere but never posted it as the barbed wire depressed me. The river is happy to chill anything you offer it, including feet.

Lots of GS there too, mixed with pignut - a lovely wild alternative to the bouquets of blue irises and baby's breath - which I rather like too.

Winchester whisperer said...

any otters yet?

Mopsa said...

Not that I've seen, WW, but they are very shy creatures. Will let you know if I do - my squeaks of excitement would be heard for miles!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Peaceful! God your posts make me so envious of your lifestyle yet I know it is a harsh one at times. You have the gift to transport me into your world - except I don't have to do the hard work!

Mopsa said...

MOB, yes, I am lucky, living in such a lovely place, but I as I said to Matthew I do hate the concept of having a “lifestyle” as opposed to actually living a life, the former having the inference that it's being done purely so others can envy and admire and is thus heavily laced with egotism and superiority. If Ramblings feels lifestyley rather than about my life, then I have failed!