Friday, 9 May 2008

The boys are back in town

I have used my new found competency and brought home the rare breed bacon. Three Berkshires, my pig breed of choice, and a pair of Middle White/British Lop crosses to make up the numbers.
Middle White adults are the most ugly beast, with squashed wrinkled heads, reminiscent of a Sharpei, so I'm hoping for the sake of not scaring the local wildlife, that the British Lop element will temper their looks whilst maintaining their reputation for perfect pork.


Anonymous said...

great! - we are working up to keeping weeners for the first time... need to sort out accomodation.. bit scaredy tho.. as we are new to pig keeping..

tim relf said...

Can almost taste them from here!

Mopsa said...

CIG - if they are kept in healthy conditions, they are incredibly easy to keep, but are not simple to handle! You need to plan thoroughly for loading and unloading - food plays a major role in this! If you have to inject, eartag etc, do it when they are small and handleable and preferably in the trailer when you get them home. Have fun.

Tim, they are delicious (or will be).