Friday, 19 September 2008


It is SO autumn. The Virginia Creeper that drapes the cottage on the way to town is ablaze, the leaves are dropping from the young fruit trees in the orchard, the bedspread was slung onto the bed to warm my shivery shoulders last night, and the squirrels are nicking all the nuts.
The acorns are ripe, and a gentle tap sends them cascading to the ground, leaving their school caps behind them. But can I find any hazelnuts to munch? In 11 kilometres of hedgerow on the farm I found a smattering of samples, the evidence of a good crop nicely gnawed and lying empty on the ground. No doubt there are snug hoards hidden from view for winter snacks, but none for me.


paula said...

them pesky squirrels - and naught a brain between them, all nibbled and discarded in disgust when unripe and unpalatable.

Winchester whisperer said...

Do you have any good rosehip recipes?

Mopsa said...

Paula - the shells seem to be empty, so perhaps a dormouse has taken later advantage!

WW - no - I just admire them hanging on the branch - sorry!