Thursday, 4 September 2008

Who leaves a mound like this?

I have an animal that has human toileting inclinations. If I hung a roll of the quilted stuff from a branch on a convenient tree, he would likely use it with pleasure and appreciation. He produces neat heaps of nitrogen rich pellets that cause the grass to burst with energy, outdoing everything around it for greenness and vigour.
He moves along a little each time, so that the heap gets longer and longer, and for a fastidious beast this means no danger of stubbing your toe in yesterday's delivery. I often wonder whether he'd insist on the seat left up or down, and whether his paper of choice would be of the pastel persuasion. Reading matter would likely be something uplifting and improving; a biography or historical volume. Definitely no fluffy mat round the pedestal, and soap would be something swish from Penhaligon's.
Who produces a mound like this?


mountainear said...

Now I'm not going to cheat and click your link (just yet) but I think it might be a llama.

Being an Archers 'fan' I recall the odious Linda Snell distributing little bags of this most excellent fertiliser.

Any prizes for a correct guess?

Jay said...

Hmm. Not something I've ever seen. The pellets look a little bit like guinea pig, but I'm guessing these are from a larger animal, and guinea pigs don't make piles, not really...

It's a vegetarian, i think. Could it be a capybara?

paula said...

I can remember when I first saw this line of 'gravel' in your field and asked what you'd been doing. Then I learnt it was lama not you!

Mopsa said...

Yes, it's the llama.