Friday, 10 October 2008

The roundhouse takes shape

Just because I've been busy with sheep doesn't mean that the world of barn restoration has come to a halt. Oh no. The cob barn is likely to be finished today, and yesterday the thatchers started on the roundhouse, putting up battens to take the locally sourced wheat straw. The roundhouse is behind the threshing barn, and touches the road, and so is in full view of the few souls that drive past in their tractors and trucks.
The thatchers will be on site for three or four weeks, and having filled their bellies with blackberry and apple crumble to make sure their boots are leaden and keep them up there, I will report on progress.
It's hard to take shots of the roundhouse as there are few viewing points far enough back to capture its full glory. The photos below show the progress to date, from the demolishing of the ruins to today's grand efforts.


Far Side of Fifty said...

That slide presentation was awesome. I am very interested in some photos of the have certainly come a long way with the Roundhouse! :)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I sat and watched a new thatched roof being put on a house over the road from our house. Fascinating to watch such skill by these guys in action. I was in awe at how talented they were. Your roundhouse is going to be spectacular.

Jay said...

Wow, I love that you're preserving these lovely old buildings. Quite an undertaking!

I hope you show us pictures when it's all done!

Winchester whisperer said...

Bravo Mopsa - your world is being recreated whilst others are destroyed

mountainear said...

It's looking really good - the slide show makes the restoration look easy.

Good to see something put back instead of flinging up the ubiquitous concrete and steel structure beloved of most farmers. (Though having said that I suppose they have their place.)

James Higham said...

Love the slide show.

paula said...

So much to catch up on - wow! Rams, abattoirs and roundhouses.
A devilish handsome chap; extraordinarily informative and enlightening post on how our food gets from field to table – well, almost-ish – and the excellent info on grading too. As for the roundhouse, I’m almost speechless, from an almost heap of rubble left to mournfully disintegrate over the years to the beautifulness of its restoration –a phoenix rising!!

Swearing Mother said...

Lovely to see someone building something good!

Mopsa said...

FSOF - thank you - it's an extraordinary craft isn't it?

MOB - I really think it might be!

Jay - pictures, pictures all the way.

WW - life goes on. I don't understand stocks and shares, but I can touch a thatched roof (if I stand on tiptoe).

M'ear - a steel structure is quick easy and relatively cheap, and also immensely practical - there is as you say, a need for both.

Ta James.

Paula - it seems to be motoring at the moment.

Thank you SM

Anonymous said...

Check out this other roundhouse that I was fortunate enough to visit this year. Tremendous.