Friday, 24 October 2008


Hard Hattie is getting slow and sluggish, and I expect to find her snoozing deep in her box of straw before long. She and her cosy box will be put in a rat-free cool shed for her hibernation and checked regularly.
I'm wondering about making plans to join her. What with the BBC ten o'clock news tonight being so very gloomy about employment, money, home repossessions and the like, I think I'd prefer to stick my head in a straw box and wake up when it's all over. How people can lose their homes when governments are prepared to shore up the banks is completely beyond me; why isn't the money going to pay the mortgages instead?
Apparently farming and government spending are the only two areas not slowing down at the moment... and I don't believe that will last. Bah humbug and all that.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Yup, totally agree. I'd happily wake up in about 18 months time when a recovery may be on course.

One good thing though - people rediscover what is important in recessions raher than being horribly self centred and materialistic. Good for mankind.

Tami said...

Funny....I was thinking the same thing about people losing their homes. How is giving money to the banks going to stop people from losing their homes. I just don't get it.

paula said...

All the government is encouraging is more of the same - there, there dear; no problem that you've buggered yourself totally at your own volition. Here’s another billion trillion or so, off you go. Skip along; see if you can do it all over again!
Hibernation with you and Hattie please.