Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Minus 8 degrees facing south

It sounds like autumn underfoot, what with the crackling of fallen leaves, but it's as depths of winter as it gets, and it's the ice, not the dehydration, that crackles.
Troughs need breaking three times a day, and I worry that the animals aren't getting enough to drink, even though they rarely suck from the troughs and will be ingesting lots of moisture with their sugar-frosted feed.
But it's glorious out there if you don't need to drive; sunny, dry, cold as can be, but oh so fresh.


Eurodog said...

It is winter here too with snow and temperatures of -11°. Has not happened for 20 years or so.

Lindsay said...

Lovely photo. -7C here in North Wilts today. Lovely sunny day so managed a good walk avoiding the ice.

mountainear said...

-9C on the Shropshire/Wales border. The Shropshire lanes are treacherous; Welsh ones have been gritted - there is a neat line where the gritting lorry has stopped and turned round.

It does feel good and clean - I'm hoping that some of the bugs will have been killed off. Back to plus figures and the rain at the weekend I believe.

paula said...

I love it, love it, love it! Never want it to be wet 'n warm again. Can put up with all and any ice breaking/water providing techniques, no sweat...and guess what - we're topping!!!!

Mopsa said...

It's as winter should be Eurowoof

Thank you Lindsay - it's safe walking on the grass!

What bug could survive this M'ear? Perhaps a flu bug :(

I love it too Paula, but have to say that the ice breaking/water providing with the animals out in the fields is far from easy! Topping about the topping!