Monday, 26 January 2009

Squirrel hounds

There's a small oak and ash copse at the far end of the farm, and Tarzan and Jane live there. They do. Honest. They swing from tree to tree, effortlessly, gracefully, competently. Usually.
Last week I watched them engage in their usual acrobatics when there was a thump as Jane (or was it Tarzan?) fell fifteen feet to the ground. Being a squirrel she/he was back up in the tree tops before I could pound my breast and alert the jungle to the news.
But now the dogs know they are in with a chance. The hollow tree from where the mighty had fallen has lots of holes and nooks and crannies and is investigated by large, damp, quiveringly excited snouts. No hidey hole is left uncharted, no bit of bark left unscraped. It happened once, they think. It'll happen again.
I do love the optimism of dogs.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Me, too!

Scriptor Senex said...

When I had a caravan I had lots of feeders outside the window including one for squirrels. Needless to say the squirrels always ignored that and went for the most difficult to reach bird-feeder. The first time I saw a squirrel fall off I was amazed. Somehow I never expected to see a squirrel fall off! Repeat performances were then given, free of charge, over the whole summer by one squirrel though all its mates managed OK.

Jay said...

LOL! Me too - it's why the Pirate is so named. He has the optimism of Jack Sparrow, and also the cheerful lawlessness.

I've never seen a squirrel fall, but I have heard of it happening in other gardens. The most memorable, was when one fell at the feet of a greyhound, who was so startled by the unexpected gift that she let it escape. ;)

mountainear said...

Our dogs know, oh, perhaps 3 words. 'Squirrel' is one of them - so much so that to avoid utter chaos we now refer to them as 'grey furry things'. Hardly original.

Have you eaten one?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Although your linked squirrel picture was cute, I have to tell you that I already knew what a squirrel looks like. Honestly, you rural dwellers must think that we city slicking bloggers don't even know what a potato plant looks like! Not sure what a squirrel looks like when it has been savaged by one of your dogs though!

Mopsa said...

Welshcakes - it's one of their most endearing and enduring features.

SS - lucky you. I wonder if the falling off one had something wrong with it (other than a sore head and blushing cheeks)?

Jay - it'll happen in time.

M'ear - oh yes - I blogged about chomping on one a long time ago: here

YP - they look damp, bedraggled and dead of shock.

Flowerpot said...

My Moll always tries to climb the tree trunk, then falls back looking rather bemused!