Sunday, 9 August 2009

Raspberry tartoise

When you have more raspberries than you can eat, it's only fair to share.
Hattie adores red fruits: strawberries, tomatoes, raspberries. I took a bowlful into the garden and sat with her. From half asleep to fully gorged and raring to go in three minutes. Raspberries are super-charged fuel for prehistorics.
Can you imagine the size of a fruit that could satisfy a brontosaurus?
I will give her face a wipe later to keep the flies away, once she's licked up all the remnants.


Sara said...

Our tortoise loves toes!!

Winchester whisperer said...

Cute photo, Mopsa

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Do you have a herd of tortoises? How much do they sell for at the local market?

Mopsa said...

Sara - to eat?

WW - I'm not sure Hard Hattie is cute... interesting, yes.

YP - you've not been keeping up with my Hard Hattie tales! It's illegal to sell tortoises without a licence and they have to be captive bred to avoid further stealing from the wild. Hard Hattie has a mind of her own tho.

Sara said...

Jennifer tortoise will try & eat your toes if they are poking out of sandals in the summer! I've never tried her with raspberries, but they must surely taste nicer than toes.

Tai said...

What a gorgeous tortie, razz-faced and all.