Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Chicken feet or paws

Do your chickens have paws? Do you know even one that does? If so, perhaps you might be able to help this company out? I'm afraid I can't respond to their polite request:

"Good morning. We are an importer of frozen meat in China and be very interested in buying chicken feet or paws (as the picture shows) from your company. As the final wholesaler buying all year round, we can buy 2-10 containers per month. We buy both processed and unprocessed feet or paws. Would you give us more details about the following information:
  • your best price (CIF HONGKONG or Vietnam port)
  • your monthly quantity
  • the quality of chicken feet and paws (are they processed or unprocessed? are they with yellow skin or not,with black spots or not, etc.
We will appreciate very much if you could send us some pictures of your chicken feet and paws".

My great sadness is that there was, in fact, no picture attached, but you might like this.


Scriptor Senex said...

What price are your pig's toes and sheep fingers??? (please quite first class mail to Liverpool.)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I see that the John Food Group also sell Ox Pizzle and Lamb Pizzle. Are these pseudonyms for Coca Cola and Pepsi?

Winchester whisperer said...

Paws for thought

Mopsa said...

For you, SS, they'll walk all the way there for nought.

YP - you know very well what they are.

WW - groan.....

Anonymous said...

Love it...the query, the wonderful picture you concocted! What a shame - I just had some delicious calf nuts from the other day...surprisingly firm...meaty. No pizzels though