Friday, 27 November 2009

Pet philosophy

As Claude the cat bounced from floor to bin lid to windowsill and sat stolidly over Fenn the dog's head, Fenn ducked a little nervously but refused to move.
The three cats are boys, the dogs both girls. What I want to know is, do the boy cats know the dogs ARE girls and vice versa? Do they care? Does it make any difference? Would an all male or all female pet household for mayhem make?
Do they show each other little hidden courtesies? Do they have different sets of rivalries? Is this the most steaming heap of anthropomorphism?
Just curious. Perhaps the answer is at the end of the rainbow.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Let's hope the two species do not get together to produce dats and cogs. Fortunately history teaches that their realtionship has hitherto been utterly platonic.

garfer said...

You're coming over a bit Heston here Mopsa. My dead mouser has been replaced by litter of incompetent offspring who are incapable of taking on the Pine Martens.

The evil lopers are taking over.

Thank god you don't have chickens,

or Peacocks.

Scriptor Senex said...

Part of the fun of owning pets is ascribing human traits to them! (oops, one of the cats has just pointed out that she owns me not vice versa....)

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Mopsa said...

YP - thank goodness for that!

Garfer - "a bit Heston"?? I do have ducks tho - and once had peacocks - but that was the most terrible mistake.

SS - I know, but I try to avoid sharing it overtly with others as it is a bit quease-making.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I want to be in the middle of that gorgeous field. Love it here on your blog - and now longing even more for a new cat. Have only one and she loves only my daughter. My beloved 18-yr-old passed away a year ago January. The two dogs and one cat are all girls. I believe I may be sexist.

HOA Mgr Lady said...

When I was a child I thought that when Cats had kittens they were all girls and if the cat had puppies they were the boys. I think they think each other are less superior to them and go along with any relationship they develop. Hmmm I am thinking that this doesn't make sense as EVERYONE knows cats are superior.
Happy Christmas from California!