Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Duck in bucket

Brass in pocket, chicken in a basket, now duck in bucket. I look out of my office window to see stuck duck. A stuck duck surrounded by a sea of ice and gloom. A waterlogged duck that cannot extract itself. No danger of becoming a dead duck - far too large and vigorous to drown - but in need of a good samaritan who is prepared to tip up the bucket and get a whoosh of shitty, muddy water in the face for services rendered.
Happy Christmas.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Duck, stuck, muck... now what other rhyming words might we find to describe the situation? Look a duck! Hook a duck! Chuck a duck! No none of them seem quite right...
from Y.Pud (lowering the tone as usual)

Madchickenlady said...

Hehe! Great pic! My mille pekin often sits in a bucket, inviting many 'KFC' jokes.