Friday, 14 May 2010

Blogging from my bed

Pure laziness you understand - not poorly or anything, unless you can count a leg that needs scratching and hands so rough they catch on the sheets like sandpaper on silk.
I'm trying out my very first notebook, all wireless, light in the lap, and intended to keep me working whilst travelling on the train to see clients. It is not only my first notebook, it's my first ever new laptop, For years I've put up with other people's cast-off junk - slow, imperfect, broken bits of dross. But as I hate to drive long distance and take the train whenever possible, it was time to put up the moolah and stop my own meanness from keeping me a second rate iCitizen.
I'd have adored an iPad, but what I need is summat that allows me to work on large word docs and powerpoint so that was that dream gone.
And here I am, in bed, listening to the rain fall as OH does the morning livestock duties. I can hear feedbin lids clang, pigs grunt, flapping of undeveloped duckling wings waiting to be let out of their hut, cocks crowing, and all the usual post-dawn chorus.
This weekend we're running one of our intro to smallholding courses, so although much is in readiness, the last delights have to be put in place: soup and scones to make, gammon joint and apple juice out the freezer, all kinds of kit to be put on display, removal of trip hazards, and most importantly, looking about with a strangers eye. I am used to living surrounded by cheerful mayhem and I'm never sure if innate sluttishness is something positive to pass on to others alongside the more practical smallholding skills.
So, enough, outa bed, into shower, get rolling. Time to move from the cozy virtual to the raw real.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

"Pure laziness"? I don't think you could rightly be accused of such a thing. Be warned though - people who fiddle with their laptops in bed risk permanent damage to their hard-drives.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I am envious and full of admiration. If I could, I would, and I would NOT apologize. Oh yes, I would. We women have the hardest time simply enjoying ourselves without having to apologize for it! Lay in, lay it on, and lay about. Yay for your VERY own laptop! (I am willing a MacPro to come my way but I'm not leaving the door unlocked or holding my breath, much.)

Ash said...

Hi there,

I have some news about an interesting competition which may interest you and your blog readers.

I couldn't find your contact details on the site so please e-mail me back if you are interested.

Thanks. :)


Mopsa said...

YP - I LOVE to be lazy. I want to be lazy more often.

RR - Fingers crossed for your MacPro - there is one out there with your name on it.