Friday, 28 May 2010

Invasion of the bloggy snatchers

Apologies to my lovely regular readers and the occasional visitors, but I have been invaded by racist tossers charading as commercial tossers.
First I get splattergun spammed by dweebs littering the blog with their nonsensical comments containing multiple links purporting to sell stuff (I think - I didn't follow any of the links to check). I then delete a few of the comments (there were MASSES of them) and set up comment moderation (sorry, sorry to all you visitors who shouldn't have to go through more hoops to post a much enjoyed and appreciated comment) to find my email box full of comments awaiting moderation from the tossers who were now impregnating their comments with racist innuendo. Vile, idiotic, selfish, outrageous gits. Get a life.
So, comment moderation remains until such time as these comments stop, and at the first sign of a return it goes on permanently. And I have tried to remove every one of the comments originally posted by the vile, idiotic, selfish, outrageous gits.


Mopsa said...

Bloody Hell! In the time it took me to write this post there are yet more git comments awaiting moderation. You are immoderate gits. Go away.

Mopsa said...

Marvellous - all the crap, of which there is steaming quantities, is now heading straight into my junk box. Where it belongs. Flush!

mountainear said...

I've had the odd invasive comment and it does make one feel rather polluted. Haven't these people got anything better to throttle themselves?

tpals said...

You must be famous! I only get a couple a week and that's too many.

Mopsa said...

M'ear - throttling sounds tempting

Tpals - not famous,furious. Can I call them gits just one more time? GITS. Ahh. Feel better now.

Eurodog said...

Hello Mopsa.
I am with you on this.