Monday, 9 April 2007

I'm a fire starter

Twisted or otherwise, I'm a fire starter. Huge piles of willow, oak and blackthorn branches and twigs too small to save for winter use have been torched before the grass has had a chance to grow through and turn yellow from lack of light. The size of the piles were worthy of a public fireworks display (minus the guy), although these days with livestock and one wussy dog, noisy fireworks no longer turn me on. I'm a sparkler fan though, and love playing with a bundle of them fizzing in a mittened hand. When the flames leap as high as these did you really have to treat them with respect - no turning your back or being distracted. The mounds of ash are whopping too and will still be hot for a couple of days. Scoopy the digger comes into his own and moves each benign heap of timber to its neighbouring shimmering circle of lava; it catches instantaneously and the volcanic action continues. There's nothing like being elemental on a bank holiday. And it gave me an excuse to hunt down Prodigy on You Tube - that video stopped me in my blase tracks when it came out more than ten years ago - it still has the woweeeee factor. And how do you get the accent on the e in blase anyway??

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mutterings and meanderings said...

You should've wiated until Beltane