Friday, 13 April 2007

Journalistic pomposity

Blimey. I didn't expect to be having a whinge about journalists twice in two weeks (I really don't make a habit of it you know) but my Spiked email just arrived and the mini editorial has made me growl. Brendan O'Neill says:
"blogs aren’t the place to go if you want erudite debate; they’re the online equivalent of a loud’n’rowdy student bar... Bloggers often don’t have much to say of note, but I’ll defend to the death their right to say it to their three readers."
I would never suggest that this blog is either erudite or has much of note to offer the world. I wouldn't even propose that the majority of blogs are other than an opportunity for 21st century folks to keep a diary or write a regular letter to friends. Some are clearly a creative outlet, others a virtual space to park technological geekery. Nothing wrong with any of that. But there are blogs that have much to say, and say it both wisely and well. And some of them find a significant readership. Brendan O'Neill can go fight some other cause on his own blog. I doubt bloggers need his approbation.

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