Monday, 16 April 2007

The inner costermonger

Lambing is finally over. All mums and offspring are out in the orchard and no longer require two-hourly visits to check on well-being: no small heads stuck in low branches/fencing/gorse; nothing in trouble whilst lambing; no problems with suckling; no ewes nicking another's lambs etc). So now the attention has turned to vegetables - lamb needs an accompaniment after all - and my inner costermonger is being fed by sprinkling seeds onto trays of compost, weeding the polytunnel, splooshing the water around and generally thinking of the glut to come. A decade of ambition has been realised by the planting of the first asparagus bed (Pacific Purple) and I want to pat the bed, sit by it and share encouraging words. Perhaps a song or two might help? But after what was three weeks of frantic sheep-centred activity, the peace and quiet of the veg patch is very welcome, so silent contemplation may be best after all.

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mountainear said...

We planted our asparagus bed last spring (no idea what variety) so this year are just sitting on the sidelines cheering it on - and even here at the end of our low mountain it seems to be doing alright.

Roll on next May and our first harvest...if only that weren't wishing our lives away.

We must compare notes.