Thursday, 11 October 2007


Radio 4 is my thing. In the car. After two years in Devon the tuner is still not attached to the radio aerial on the house roof - no aerial, no signal, no usable radio inside the house. Some would have murdered a cat by now. So every car ride ends with me reluctant to get out because something is on the radio and I need my fix.
My patience in not murdering a cat can be rewarded by a choice gem, a nifty morsel, a radio gaga. This week we had Sue McGregor holding hands with Jeremy Paxman and Bettany Hughes around the library table sharing some fave reads. It's not particulary relevant that Paxo chose The Secret Agent, the point is that he described it as "terrific" more times than I could count. And then it became catching and "terrific" was thrown about the programme as if it was an alternative for "and" or "the". The show was punctuated by terrific and I found myself gulping for breath so that I could continue to drive safely without tears of laughter blurring my vision.
And then I started to gasp in wonder. You'll remember Paxo's utterly brilliant interview of Michael Howard where he repeated his question a dozen times and didn't get an answer. On the basis of the "terrific" revelations I'm now wondering whether Paxo is THE interviewer of our times or someone who gets stuck in a salient groove. He sure loves repetition.


Richard Madeley said...

You insult me by posting pictures of that damn man on your blog. Do you not know the terrible time I've had with him and his toenails? Shame on you, Mopsa. Shame on you.

paula said...

Me too. It’s a hug-to-ones-self treat. Often in the truck out in the yard waiting for something to finish, dogs anxiously peering at me to see if I’ve collapsed over the steering wheel. Correct time’s only found in the truck too. Marvellous these modern inventions!

KAZ said...

I like Jeremy - but, like John Humphries, he prefers the 'Yes/No bully boy' style to the subtle route to the truth.