Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter egg hunt

If you look closely, you will see one of the crème eggs from the handfuls poked into various hidey holes in and around the barns for the builders to find, this last morning before their Easter break.
I used to love treasure hunts, the kiddy sort rather than those beloved of suburban families in cars during the seventies and eighties that I remember from summers in North West London.
I left a note stuck on the window of the converted shipping container the builders use as an office, attached to one egg, that said there were nine more to find. There was a chuckling but plaintive response asking whether there were really ten in total. One egg is still sitting untouched in one of the dovecotes. It's really hard not to look at it and give the game away.


hannah said...

That's a sweet idea...reminded me to get some for my hunt. Have a good Easter.

KAZ said...

Great idea - people either get very fond of their builders or it all ends in tears.

Winchester whisperer said...

Your builders are clearly worth their weight in chocolate

Mopsa said...

Have a good Easter too, Hannah.

Kaz, so far (and they've been here for 5 months now), they are fab.

And hot cross buns, WW - they've eaten a load with us this afternoon before taking off for Easter.

mountainear said...

That is such a lovely thing to do. Having a joiner son I know they're all little chocolate lovin' boys at heart!

Swearing Mother said...

That is so great, what a lovely thing to do.