Thursday, 6 March 2008

Women in Farming

This evening I was mingling with artists and farmers at the Phoenix Arts Centre for the exhibition resulting from the Women in Farming project put together by Aune Head Arts.
It's a topic close to my heart and in the press too, this week.
The work was beautiful, honourable, moving, familiar and unfamiliar. Framed by mounts of felted fleece and adorned with gold plated copies of their ear tags (made by Louise Evans), Jennie Hayes' photographs of the sheep on Sue Peach's Dartmoor farm made me want to wrench the images off the wall and take them home with me. I was drawn again and again to look at the detail of their heads, their gaze, their ear tags, their carefully shorn necks, every inch as imperious as any senior politician sitting for their portrait.


Winchester whisperer said...

Those sheep are very pretty. I'd like to see them before they were shorn: before 'n after photos, maybe with ribbons as well.

Eurodog said...

I looked at all the pictures. Stunning indeed.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Beautiful pics, Mopsa and you have drawn my attention to details I would never have thought about before - thank you.

Lee Morgan said...

Hi there

(Sorry if you've got this already, I tried to send a message through the feed reader and I'm not sure it worked.)

I was just wondering if you'd be up for writing a review of women in farming for the PRSD - we're trying to cover more events (rather than just go to them), to reflect the breadth, depth, vibrancy and so on.

What do you think.

all the best

Mopsa said...

Hi Lee
not sure who/what PRSD is - email me with more info and details at

Pleased you all enjoyed the piccies.