Sunday, 9 March 2008


It's been raining in short, hard bursts, and the lower fields are soggy and soft. As you sploosh your way through, there is a stirring and a whirring, and a plumpish shape or three or thirty rise noisily and move off for a while. Skewers with wings, these extraordinary birds love the wet rushy pasture, but are incredibly shy and I only ever see them making their getaway. A couple of years ago I saw a parent and a number of young in a field ditch, but they too took to the air as I unwittingly disturbed them. I only wish the snipe would have let me take this photo.


rilly super said...

last summer when we were on holiday the place was alive with these wading birds. In the field next door to where we stayed a pair of curlews had two chicks which they had to defend against the gulls and bonxies. Here, if you wander up the river a bit there are curlews and snipes and even oystercatchers, as there is a flock of them that live in the Reeth meanders but I saw two just a mile ofrom here yeaterday

anyway, have been reading the news about the weather in the southwest and as it os pretty awful even here today I hope you have battened down the hatches and don't suffer any damage. all the best from Rilly

Mopsa said...

Rilly - it sounds fabulous, but what is a bonxie?

Arthur Clewley said...

I think a bonxie is one of these mopsa, a great skua