Friday, 11 September 2009

Snowmail - Channel 4 news

"And so to sheep. At Lydd Primary School, Romney Marsh, Kent to be precise, where the head has raised a school sheep to show children where mint sauce comes into play and how food really happens etc etc. Trouble is, it is now chops o'clock for Marcus the sheep and some parents are upset, complaining their precious things cannot sleep and all manner of weepiness.
Not that I am unsympathetic - this being Kent the poor darlings already have the trauma of the 11 plus to contend with. After which a little abattoir action ought to be a piece of cake, or slice of lamb..."

This wanged its way into my email box this pm from Alex Thomson of Channel 4 news. Oh gawd. More people who think meat comes in polystyrene trays wrapped in cling film. No more burgers for you, chums.


garfer said...

Oh Gawd, not another one. And a fucking stag has been interfering with my Daimler. Almost through the windscreen, thick gormless tick magnet.

Thickos and impalers.

I love Scotland.

Annabel said...

I can understand their point of view when they've raised the animals like pets. Most people aren't ever forced to choose between the logical extremes of killing their own animals and vegetarianism, and to be faced with that choice with an animal you've raised as a pet, not knowing this would happen, is just cruel. As the school teacher says,
"When they are 15, when they are 20 they are not going to remember what they got in their Sats when they were 11 years old.
"But they will remember they had a farm and that they made decisions."
Even the parents at the school that had grown up on farms said that if an animal was going to be sold for meat they never named it or treated it like a pet.

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