Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The phenomenon of the to do list

My life is ruled by to-do lists; for work, for the domestic stuff of life, and the mother of all lists (in fact a list of lists) for the farm. I am intimately acquainted with the pleasure of crossing off an item that has been completed. I write lists for myself and eagerly (and undoubtedly irritatingly) for other people. Everyone knows my life is a list of to dos and I am content to be the butt of their jokes. So it was with real pleasure that I complied with the request to produce a list of crucial info for when I leave for London. And just in case that paper copy gets lost.....
  • Please check incubator temperature daily (37.4 - 37.6 degrees) and fill one side with water on Saturday if needed
  • If piglet with runny bum is off feed/poorly, inject with Engemycin (in vet cupboard) subcutaneously. For a piglet of 25kg it’s 2ml for a 24 hour dose or 5ml for 72 hours
  • If preggers sheep need antibiotics they want 4ml for 24 hour dose or 10ml for 72 hours. Also subcut injection.
  • If you get any bubbly/poorly lambs they have an Oxytet tablet (1 daily up to 3 days) – on shelf in lambing shed
  • Before you turn ewes out they need 12mls of wormer
  • Check/empty mouse traps in polytunnel
  • Water vegetable seeds and seedlings
  • Walk dogs
  • Count sheep
  • Eat
  • Sleep


mutterings and meanderings said...

Are you a Virgoan?

Mopsa said...

nope, not even rhetorically.