Thursday, 29 March 2007

Posh luggage

Up first thing in old trackie bottoms, thick socks, heavenly neoprene wellies and fleece, all covering nightie which is too cosy to take off, for early morning lamb check. Weather glorious but ominous rainbow and grey clouds with streaks joining the sky to the land on the next hill. Shove on battered leather hat that sheds rain beyond the back of my neck unless I bend forward, and feed the animal troupes. An hour later I'm done and hoik out luggage for packing my gear for London. The contrast between my smelly farming clobber and the smartness of my year-old trolley bag stops me in my tracks. The contrary lifestyles are now inches apart and clashing madly in colour and content. High heeled boots and clothes without barbed wire tears that rarely get worn here go into the bag. I'm off to my parallel existence.

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mutterings and meanderings said...

Aren't neoprene wellies the best thing in the world? I have the Muck Boots ones. In purple.

They don't look as good as my sadly deceased Hunters and I can't ride in them, but I have had the most toasty warm feet all winter!

Enjoy that London place - and try not to worry.