Friday, 23 March 2007

Ramblings, Mutterings and Meanderings

She takes a bow, she smacks her lips at the prospect of champagne and truffles, and then gets real as she sucks on her glass of water and looks longingly at the heap of dogs wanting to be walked and the smaller heap of second hand paperbacks bought from Oxfam this morning - they'll just have to wait. The lovely M&M has awarded her Thoggers (Thinking Blogger Awards) and I must show grace. And now my obligation is to award five Thoggers of my own. And then their obligation is to award etc etc and so on and on and on. I will try not to be too incestuous in my choices and bring a bit of fresh blood into the process, but don't count on that. So, with greatest respect, my nominations are:
  1. Peter D Cox
  2. Random Acts of Reality
  3. mamajules
  4. Grumpy Old Bookman
  5. Strife in the North ( I know, I know, but perhaps incest is allowable on occasion?)
I doubt it'll change your life or even your afternoon, but it's always nice to be appreciated. Hugs to all. Keep making us think.


rilly super said...

and hugs back debbie. Thanks ever so for the award which will keep the dust off the mantelpiece untill the man booker arrives

mamajules said...

Thank you for this lovely nomination from mamajules in sunny Coventry...hilariously I'm such a novice at blogging its taken me yonks to figure out how to leave this comment! Big Hugs to ya. xx