Monday, 19 March 2007

Spring is in the air?

There's no denying it. The lanes are full of primroses, the goose has started laying, there is blossom on one brave plum tree, there should be six Berkshire weaners (eight week old piglets) in the pig ark by tonight, and the lambing pens are awaiting occupancy. All this fecundity calls for calm, warm days to nurture the animal and vegetable growth, but instead the blossom is about to get hail-stormed into oblivion, straw bales are insulating the lambing area, further great works need to be undertaken to improve the draught-proofing, and it's lucky that the pig ark is protected by a Devon bank.

You lie in bed at night listening to the wind and hail battering the ruined barns and hide your head under the duvet using the same trick as you did as a child - if I can't see it, it isn't really there. Only in this case it's "if I can't hear it, the roof isn't really falling in". Looking out of the window in the morning requires you to collect your courage after a windy night. If the roof and walls would only stay put until all the planning and preparation can be put in place, perhaps there may be more than just a heap of cobby rubble, rotten timbers and slate to work with.


mutterings and meanderings said...

It is sod's law.

I was sure we'd missed all the bad bits of winter this year but my mare's thickest rug is back on tonight.

I think it must be my fault - I had planned to remove one of my duvets (I have two in the winter) at the weekend.

I want it to be spring (stamps feet!)

Arthur Clewley said...

I love the spring too. Driving to work past some wee calves in one field and lambs in another.

I think your lambing pen compares favourably for draft and damp proofing to our house by the sounds of it debbie

Mopsa said...

m&m: the foot stamping obviously worked - today it's glorious in Devon
And Arthur - you ARE a detective!