Sunday, 22 July 2007

Emerging from the Deathly Hallows

Like millions of children, I have been spending some of my weekend with my nose poked firmly in the final Harry Potter outing. Having loved the first couple (yup, I'm a sucker for summer simplicity in the book stakes), I plodded somewhat through the next batch, and wailed that someone at Bloomsbury should have the wit and the nerve to tackle the job of editor, and not be frit of tarnishing the golden egg by irritating the goose. The wailing was loudest at the 5th book, the longest and most repetitive of the lot. But you know what it's still want to know how it all comes out in the wash. And either the editor has hopped off the pot, or JK has learned how to self edit. In any case, I romped through The Deathly Hallows at a gallop, quite breathless in places to know what happens next. It probably ties up loose ends for those who have the memory or an interest that can be sustained in detail over a decade of book releases, but for me, it was a fun way to spend chunks of the weekend.
Other things happened too though. A thatcher came to assess the size of the roundhouse roof attached to the threshing barn. There is very little to see apart from heaps of stone rubble and monstrous rotten timbers, but with the drawings in hand, he said that there didn't seem to be any measurements. When it was explained that the drawings were to a scale as shown, he didn't look much enlightened, and took out his measuring stick. Whatever keeps him happy. And then the wool receipt arrived for 2007; 53 kilos of fleece have now been received by the British Wool Marketing Board. When the cheque arrives it may or may not pay for a drink at the pub. Last year a cheque for £0.00 had been solemnly produced and sent.


mutterings and meanderings said...

It was fab. Loved it. Galloped through too and now may have to go back to the start of the series to reac em all again.

the one that annoyed me most was the one that started with the Quiddicth world cup - that went on far too long.

Flowerpot said...

I'm not a HP fan, but I'd still love to know what happens in the end. (I had a quick peek in Smiths to satisfy curiosity but would still like to know details) Shhhh

Big Chip Dale said...

Hmm. I blogged a review of it earlier today but now can't think of a thing to say. I enjoyed it but thought the end was a let down. It will be interesting to see if Rowling now branches out into something very different. Some of the language in this one made me think she really wants to write for real adults, not adults like me who refuse to grow up and be sensible.

-Ann said...

I so agree with you on the editing. If half the -ly words were taken out of Order of the Phoenix, the book would probably lose 100 pages. I found the writing in this last book much improved - much tighter and more focused. My first comment to my husband when he asked how the book was: "They finally found someone with the nerve to edit her book."

Oh, Flowerpot, if you really want to know what happens - read the entry in Wikipedia. (You should probably read the entries for Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince first though.)