Wednesday, 4 July 2007

What a big lot of about

Alan Bennett encapsulated it beautifully when he described his mother referring to the vista as "a big lot of about". The phrase has entered my life and gets used often. I think of myself as articulate but (and this is not something that has developed over the years - it has always been with me) frequently struggle to wrap my tongue around the word I want. Is this premature senility, a sign that I am headed for Alzheimer's, or do some brains just have odd synaptic arrangements? Flowerpot brought this tussling with words to mind, but it is a daily dance and probably as infuriating for others as it is for me. I don't even know if many people have noticed it, and if they have, I'm not at all sure I want verification.
It has, as most things, a positive side. I conjure nicknames and phrases for people and things easily, many of them bordering on the absurd. The words sit fatly in the air for a few moments of enjoyment and then burst into temporary oblivion until the object or place or person comes back to mind complete with new tag. It's like having a compendium of word games inside my head; I never know which rules will apply at any given moment, but at least I'm the gamemaster.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I have a degree in psychiatry and your symptoms tell me one thing - you are completely and utterly mad! But this can be solved with a daily dose of Ibuprofen... Actually, I bet that other people think of you as a lucid, articulate human being with a wide vocabulary and a mean ability to sometimes say things so clearly and sharply that they hit the nail full square upon the head.
(*By the way I was lying about the psychiatry degree!)

Flowerpot said...

I would have said you have a real knack with words, Mopsa! but I know what you mean - I get that too. I'm sitting writing and suddenly I think - what was that word? Where's it gone? And I scratch around in the dust of my brain and sometimes it reappears. Others it doesn't.

mutterings and meanderings said...

If I can't think of a word I leave it, and it arrives of its own violition.

I find this also works when I'm trying to think of someone's name ..

SabineM said...

Hello from Sunny California
Saw your BERNER photo on the comment page of Caroline Smails.
I have a 9 year old Berner named Sam. How old is yours? where in he UK are you?
I have a picture of my Sam on my blog, under July 4th where I talk about a book....

Mopsa said...

You are all so kind - I must keep using words or there is a chance that one day, they will all fall into a damn great hole in that big lot of about.

SabineM - as it says in the title, I'm in Devon. Mopsa is 7 and Fenn is 2. Bernese rule (at least they do in my house).

CreditDoc said...

I don't think you're mad, it's just getting a real mature adult. You know it always looks like that - deep in thought, long reflections and so on. Don't worry!