Sunday, 15 July 2007

Old lady award

The hearty Yorkshire Pudding (delicious with your Sunday roast) has handed me a mature blogger.
Apparently, this new and by definition currently rare award goes to those "who have blogged with mature dignity, saying wise and mature things" Worryingly, the associated traits are drinking in moderation, praying each night and beginning every other sentence with either "When I was young..." or "In my day...".
This award is therefore causing me concern me on numerous counts:
  1. I am not ready to grasp the baton of middle age, no matter what it says on my passport
  2. Neither am I ready to relinquish the inner child
  3. Mr Pudding called me Mr Mopsa...he thinks I'm a man. Do I sound like a man? Should I worry that I sound like a man? I'm not a man. Honest. Didn't you read my blog on bras? I think I've written two of them. Don't they count for anything??
  4. My drinking is in such moderation that the Bloody Mary I had on Friday night was the first bit of alcohol to pass my lips since I chomped on a chocolate cherry brandy liqueur some months back, but that doesn't make me mature, does it? Just sad.
  5. What's praying?
  6. But yes, I must admit to penning phrases such as "aeons ago" or similar when relating past experiences, and have shared the actuality of my grey streaked hair, so I probably only have myself to blame.

I will try and write like a youthful snippet, a flibberty gibbet with no cares in the world, an ageless soul. And then perhaps someone will, in all innocence, send me an award for blogging juvenilia. I can only hope.


The thinker said...

Hello Mopsa - I'm sorry I've just awarded you a schmooze - I hope you'll pick it up by visiting
best wishes.

mutterings and meanderings said...

I don't think you're mature at all, Mopsa!

Flowerpot said...

Young at heart and in words, Mopsa. Give my love to your dogs!

DevonLife said...

No, I don't think you are zimmer ready yet Missy.

Just been reading back re your days in the green room. I once worked in the less heady environs of the green room at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth, oh yes. I've served Bonnie Langford Vegetarian lasagne and Tim Rice meat lasagne
TR: "what sort of meat is it?"
me: "beef"
TR: "from a cow?"
me: "ahh I can see why you're a world famous lyricist with your fine grasp of the world around you" not really, I actually said "Yes, it's cow beef"

Mopsa said...

Thinker - how very kind.
Thank you for seeing me through rose tinted specs - although I have dark bits under the eyes (too much computer, not enough sleep) there are not many wrinkles yet.
I love your Tim Rice tale devonlife!