Wednesday, 25 July 2007

In the grumps

Very tired today - it has been a crazy week and it is only halfway through. Just sometimes you wonder if you will ever reach the more physical but less mentally demanding weekend. There seem to have been too many of the really big questions in need of resolution. I think I have had a month's worth in three days. My brain has turned from grey to white; all colour leached out.

So I wasn't in the mood for criticism. I was bound to take it out on someone. So I took it out on a piece of A4 instead. The papers for the car insurance arrived and changed my career. It downsized me when what I needed was puffing up. I rebelled. I took my pen in my balled-up fist and made a stand. I am no longer a smallholder/arts consultant. I AM A FARMER /ARTS CONSULTANT. Is that alright with you?
I'm off to feed the pigs and see what they have to say about it. Heads down, tails up. Not a care in the world.


Richard Madeley said...

I always say you can't beat hanging out with the ungulates when you're feeling down.

Flowerpot said...

have a good winge, Mopsa. I think we all feel like it in this sodding weather. Sodden, even. Pigs have the right idea I think, and that one has a wonderful tail.

mountainear said...

Well done you - tell'em.

.....but do you think smallholder might put you in a less expensive insurance category?

Mopsa said...

Good grief - it's Richard Madeley - well, actually NOT, but fun all the same to welcome his alter ego.

FP - yes, the curl is a grin in tail form.

M'ear - no difference in premium, just a difference in mood!

Richard Madeley said...

Hey! I am Richard Madeley! Who said I'm his alter ego? You'll be hearing from my lawyers.

rilly super said...

I've always liked the sound of 'gentleman farmer', although I'm not sure what that is. My husband likes the sound of it too so he has put his name down for an allotment. Hope your spirits lift mopsa, although with this bloody weather that's easier said than done