Friday, 24 August 2007


Having fun should come with a health warning. Yesterday I had a lot of fun, and today I am suffering , and it has absolutely nothing to do with alcohol.
Summer has finally and belatedly arrived, and so an impromptu party for friends and neighbours was conjured out of thin air, the vegetable patch and the local butchers (no time to thaw adequate heaps of home grown carnivory). There was a whirlwind of hay turning, mowing and topping. There wasn't time to get the lawnmower out, so the tractor and its mega mower danced across the garden too and we just ignored the tractor tyre tracks it left. Bowls of edibles were produced, and then a borrowed clay pigeon trap was set up.
It is many years since I've used a shotgun, but as the afternoon shadows started to lengthen, I took my first shot since arriving on the farm. The explosion in my ear was literally deafening. My ears rung and shut down for a few daze making moments. When my head steadied I ran off to fetch the ear defenders, and then settled the gun back into my shoulder. With the decibels more under control my body had the capacity to consider the recoil as I thundered out half a dozen or more pathetic attempts to catch the birdy, but the wind caught them each time and I didn't have my eye in to anticipate as needed.
As folks arrived we drifted into the garden and ate our fill, talking until it was too dark to see each other.
This morning I have a bruised right tit and armpit and my shoulder is stiff with surprise. I can't wait to have another go.


mutterings and meanderings said...

You go girl!

My dad has a trophy for clay pigeon shotting. (He also shoots the feathered variety, plus pheasants ... my pheasant casserole in rather good)

mutterings and meanderings said...

or shooting, even ..

Around My Kitchen Table said...

I've never shot a gun, despite being a country girl through and through. I have, however, eaten lots of pheasants in my time (but no clay pigeons ....!). Clay pigeon "shotting" sounds like fun - I must have a go one day.

beta mum said...

I had a go at clay pigeon shooting once, during a media -v- other odds-and-sods competition in Jersey.
It was a hoot.