Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Pink bits

All over the country there will be people with pink bits, red bits, raw bits and sore bits. Lulled and depressed by a damp, grey summer, the warnings about skin cancer and protection from the sun have drifted into oblivion and the Ambre Solaire has long ago been relegated to the back shelves at the chemists where athletes foot powders, support bandages and personal aids with product logos from times past normally sit and sulk.
April sun brought weeks of shorts wearing, brown knees and freckled cheeks, but the sad return to winter pastiness means vulnerability, and consequently after two days working outside with inadequate supplies of sun block, I have pink bits. My décolletage is neither nut brown nor creamy white. I clash with Barbie. I am starting to itch. In a few days I will peel. The look gets less and less attractive as time passes. Just like the chemist's also rans, I too am heading for a sulk.


mutterings and meanderings said...

Oh no, poor you. There has been a nip in the air here today, feeling quite autumnal.

Your illustrative ladies are rather daring for their era ...

tim relf said...

If it's any consolation, Mopsa, you're not alone.
I go pink, then red, then white again.
My first 'beach' holiday this year for a few years made me go very pink, then very red, then very white!
Roll on the autumn!

Flowerpot said...

All I can say is you must be having much better weather in Devon than in Cornwall. We've had deluging rain here for days now! Sorry about the pink bits though..

mountainear said...

Round here the 'farmer's tan' is a look that's hard to avoid. Bronzed face and 'v' neck, brown hands and arms. Its full glory is not revealed as they never strip off on a beach (no holidays) and only infrequently wear clothing more revealing than John Deere overalls.

Sorry about the pink though.

Mopsa said...

Yes, M&M - I thought they were pleasingly risqué.

Tim - I want a summer please before autumn arrives, but I really should have been better prepared - I'm not normally a burner.

It's luscious here at the moment FP, but we have had MONTHS of blooming rain.

OH has farmer's tan - the white T-shirt look when actually he ain't wearing one.

Swearing Mother said...

I haven't been on holiday yet (apart from wonderful Devon earlier this year, which I love)so I am slapping on the fake tan which doesn't seem to work all that well, except on the palms of my hands which are, of course, orange.

Bit of a giveaway really.