Monday, 27 August 2007


Everything feels out of sync this year, but perhaps it is not the case. Last year I was dealing with the plums and getting mock nicotine stained five finger-piglets in early September, so I am only a week out.
Even the new fruit trees planted this February are bearing a few fruit; damsons, morello cherries and medlars have displayed a few teasing examples of future hoped for gluts. The wonderful purplish red plums that I cannot identify are as gloriously roundly buttocky as a ripe coco de mer and entirely delicious. There are bowls of blackberries sitting in the scullery waiting to be made into a fool. There are lists of agreed sausage ingredients so that the relevant herbs and other makings can be gathered in time for the mid-week sausage-making game. I have hunted down the luscious tomato and chilli chutney recipe as the tomatoes are starting to ripen en masse. I have pulled up mega swede before the worms create holes to slide through and ruin its flesh.
The last of the hay is now being baled and late evenings spent hauling them off the trailer adds to the dust and grime sweatiness of a long day harvesting; every crease itches with it - the inside of your elbows, behind your knees, where chin meets neck. The baler is throwing bizarre pillow sized little hay packages every now and then, perfect for guinea pig owners, jauntily knotted with pink twine, the only thing missing is the writing on the side.
The onions now sway in plaited lengths from the cartshed beams, there is an enormous amount of weeding to be done in the veg beds, but all in all, it's time to start planning the autumn round.


mountainear said...

Never thought I'd have occasion to compliment somebody on their best swede but, Mopsa, that's a good 'un.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Yum! Sounds good at your place.

All our fruit trees have been a washout this year apart from the pear which is utterly loaded with fruit.

Am going to make clafoutis at the weekend with the brambles currently sitting in the freezer.

Mopsa said...

Thank you M'ear, compliment graciously accepted!

M&M - we had the blackberry fool last night with friends - woweee! Trust the clafoutis is an equal hit. Pear and almond tart is good for all those tree-loaded beauties of yours. Off to make sausages now. Will take photos if I can stop laughing long enough to hold the camera still.

Winchester whisperer said...

What are your favourite plum recipes? I have a glut (from my one tree) and have stewed them, made plum crumble and then 4lbs of plum jam. Had problems with the jam setting however: two thirds of it hasn't set. Do you have any suggestions?! I know that reboiling doesn't work.

Mopsa said...

WW: Plums work great in clafoutis; I've posted the recipe on Mutterings and Meanderings comments (20th August). Tarte Tatin works too, and they make a wondrous chutney base for mature cheddars and other strong cheeses. As for setting jams that won't go, I suspect once past their setting point one just shrugs and rolls the toast up so the jam can't drip too readily off the sides!

Winchester whisperer said...

Oh great - I'll have a look