Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Cherry picking

7.30am the dogs are howling and a very shiny, very yellow JCB cherry picker (telescopic handler sounds so unromantic) is delivered for the day. In a couple of hours all the remaining slates on the roof have been removed, those in good order stacked neatly, the rubbish discarded. The skyline is changing daily, my home is in flux and unfamiliar.


mountainear said...

But how exciting that work is proceeding - and you can actually see a difference (OK, it'll be better when it's constructive rather than destructive) but it is progress!

Eurodog said...

I hope those pictures are not of the main house!

Mopsa said...

Yes, M'ear it IS exciting.

Good lord no, Eurowoof. That is one of the barns. The house looks like this:

Eurodog said...

What a relief! You do have a roof over your head. I was going to invite you to spend Christmas with us.