Thursday, 22 November 2007

Too much on your plate?

On the days you wonder if you have just too much to do and much too much to think about, or have an over-complicated life that just can't be fitted into the days available, it can help to know that others in Devon have taken on even more.
This morning ten lambs and 2 cull ewes went off to the butcher. I come back and sort lamb sales and then start looking at tenders for work and draft something to titillate a potential funder. I pay the wages, look at the cashflow and try and get everything sorted for taking a day out tomorrow to do a cattle course with Dexters.
It's noon, I've achieved a lot, but I haven't had to deal with an escaped wolf, a jaguar that has found its way into the wrong big cat enclosure, a boss who doesn't know when it's time to put down an ancient arthritic tiger, or a bear with horrendously overgrown claws.
Ben's Zoo is Jimmy's Farm with claws. I feel much better now.


Richard Madeley said...

Now you're talking entertainment, Mopsa. Imagine letting some wild cats loose on Jimmy's Farm. I'd pay to watch that.

Winchester whisperer said...

I hope you're going on Saturday

Eurodog said...

What a lovely pussycat!

Mopsa said...

Dicky - you have a menacing streak!

WW - where should I be today? The day will be spent doing a million things on the farm, and I have 3 cocks to dispatch and pluck too.

Eurowoof - I suspect there ain't nothing soft about that beastie, but he is gorgeous.

KAZ said...

What gives me the sneaky feeling that you would just love it?
Especially the arthritic bear.

Leigh Russell said...

Looking at your photo, Mopsa, I'm surprised you posted a picture of a cat, and such a big one too, on your blog. I think you're a very brave dog.

paula said...

Busy, busy, busy and time just keeps on going. I'd love to know where you should have been yesterday. Intreguing!

Mopsa said...

Kaz, trust me, I'd be a nervous wreck - but I've always fancied a tapir or a baby elephant (but they grow big don't they?).

Leigh - I do love a big cat

Paula - I'd love to know where I was meant to be too - I was here all the time!