Sunday, 4 November 2007

Spinal treat

I wasn't planning on doing a post tonight; the lamb korma needs my attention. But the lovely man at The Spine (Guardian accredited dontcha know) has obliged and produced a collided and elided Janet and John that absolutely proves my point that Mr Depp and Ms Street-Porter are Russell Brand's parents. The Sun will carry the full story tomorrow.


Winchester whisperer said...

Love it!

Richard Madeley said...

He hasn't got the nose quite right.

Flowerpot said...

good one Mopsa. Hope you enjoyed the curry.

KAZ said...

Doesn't she look good with that beard?
Your blog always makes me feel hungry.... except for the offal.

Mopsa said...

WW - aint he clever?

Dick - you are being overly critical - I think it's smashing.

FPot - the curry was fabulous.

Kaz - was it Janet or the korma that made the tummy rumble?

paula said...

Fantastic! I want one too.